Manchester University offers scholarships to Indian women in science and tech.

180 Indian women have been able to pursue a master’s in STEM subjects in the UK.

New Delhi: Five British Council scholarships have been announced by the University of Manchester for female master’s students from India and South Asia in science, technology engineering, and maths (STEM). Fully-funded scholarships will provide total tuition fees for most expenses related to studying abroad, including visas, flights, and a stipend.

The scholarships can also cover children. It was part of a partnership between India’s Department of Science and Technology and the British Council on the Gender Advancement through Transforming Institutions (or GATI) project that advances women in STEM in India. “With this new scholarship, we hope to help further address the gender inequality seen in STEM subjects along with giving a passport for a successful career and lifetime of achievement,” Dr. David Polya from the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Science and Engineering Associate Dean of Internationalisation and Professor of Environmental Geochemistry.

The University of Manchester is a world-class research institution. The Times Higher Education (THE 2021 Impact Rankings for Action on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ranks it as the top university. He said that this scholarship was symbolic of our core social responsibilities goals.


The new scholarships require applicants to show that they have a financial need and are actively involved in their chosen field of study. They must also demonstrate plans to contribute to future capacity-building, socioeconomic advancement, and a passion for engaging other women and girls with STEM. Barbara Wickham,

Country Director British Council India, said, “Based on the overwhelmingly positive experience and feedback from previous scholarships, we are excited about this fourth round of scholarships to women in STEM.” We hope to help women from India get a master’s or an academic fellowship at top UK universities, as the UK is widely recognized for its high-quality STEM programs. She stated that the British Council is committed to girls’ education and addressing gender inequalities in science, technology, innovation, and academia.

According to the British Council, more than 180 Indian women have been eligible for a master’s degree in STEM subjects since 2018. Wickham said that the new scholarships would help even more women make life-changing changes and go on to inspire future generations. Data from the UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) shows that less than 30% of researchers worldwide are women. Only 30% of female students choose STEM-related fields of higher education. Globally, women are not enrolled in information and communication technology (3%) or natural science and mathematics (5%) and engineering, manufacturing, and construction (8%), respectively.

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