Life Insurance Claim Procedure: A Complete Guide for Insurance Agents


Life Insurance Claim Procedure: A Complete Guide for Insurance Agents

Life Insurance Claim Procedure: A Complete Guide for Insurance Agents, As a life insurance agent, you must know about your duties, roles, procedures, procedures, and other information related to life insurance claims.

So far, discussions about insurance claims tend to be more generally shared from the perspective of customers who hold insurance policies. However, in fact, information about this claim is also very much needed for life insurance agents. Even though they have received product knowledge from the company they work for, an insurance agent also needs to know more about various information about this life insurance claim, from understanding to procedures.

In fact, an insurance agent does not only play a role in selling insurance products but also as a partner and consultant for the participants concerned, especially when the customer is about to make a claim. Therefore, an agent will have a long-term relationship with the insured.

Actually, the information about this claim is not much different from the perspective of the insured/policyholder and the insurance agent as the marketer itself. However, you also need to know more deeply what the role of the insurance agent is in this claim process, including the duties and responsibilities to customers and the insurance company where you work.

In life insurance, the term claim is a request from the policyholder for a promise made by the insurer.

this time, Qoala Plus will discuss in detail all the necessary information about life insurance claims related to the role of insurance agents in helping this claim process. Come on, see the discussion!

Definition of Life Insurance Claim

The term life insurance claim is a request from the policyholder (life insurance customer) for a promise made by the insurer (life insurance company).

Insurance claims are closely related to the disbursement of the sum assured. This also answers the question of “can life insurance be disbursed?” In essence, life insurance can be disbursed when the policyholder dies.


Then, what is a life insurance policy? A life insurance policy is a contract or proof of a written cooperation agreement with legal force that is binding between the policyholder/insured party and the insurance company as the insurer.

The Importance of Insurance Agents Understanding Life Insurance Claim Procedures

As an insurance agent, you are not only required to understand how to offer life insurance and effective marketing tips but also to know the purpose and function of the agent when the life insurance claim process takes place. Well, there are several purposes and functions when an insurance agent has a full understanding of the insurance claim procedure. The details are as follows.

a. Simplify the Tasks of Insurance Agents Who Bridging the Claim Process between the Insured Party/Heirs and the Insurance Company

As a bridging party, insurance agents can be helped to forward this claim process to the insurance company as the organizer and the party providing the disbursement of funds or sum assured.

Insurance agents also have the duty and obligation to use official documents issued by the company in this claim process. Thus, the entire life insurance claim experience can take place smoothly and comfortably for both parties, both customers/insured parties/heirs, and the insurance company itself.

b. Can Clearly Push and Convey Terms to Claim Documents Required by Customers

By thoroughly understanding the entire claim process and procedure, insurance agents will certainly be able to easily assist customers (for example, the insured or the authorized heirs) to manage this claim process.

This is because insurance agents are very likely to find critical customers/insured parties/heirs when this claim process takes place. An insurance agent must be able to provide a complete explanation of the benefits of coverage in detail, the period of protection, the claim process, and so on.

c. Helping His Accountability Against the Insurance Company Where He Works

Not only forwarding the documents and various requirements that have been submitted by the insured/authorized heirs, insurance agents also in fact have full responsibility for carrying out various reports of marketers to the insurance company where they work. Therefore, the application of the performance of an insurance agent must be in accordance with company guidelines.

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