How to Play Monopoly


How to Play Monopoly

After knowing a number of rules contained in the game of monopoly. Maybe you already have a little idea about how to play it, right? Here we will review in full how to play monopoly rules.

1. Preparation

Before the game starts, players must shuffle the chance cards and general funds cards first. Initially, all property, land, and buildings belonged to the bank.

After that, players will be given an initial capital of 200,000 dollars. Where the money will be divided into the following fractions:

  • 1 note 100,000
  • 1 note 50,000
  • 1 note 20,000
  • 1 note 10,000
  • 3 5000. bills
  • 3 banknotes of 1000
  • 2 500. bills
  • 3 200. bills
  • 4 100. banknotes

2. Beginning of the Game

After all, players get the initial capital, then the monopoly will start immediately. To determine the turn, players can do a suit or hompimpa. The winning player will get the first turn to start the game.

3. Throw the Dice

The player who gets a turn to go first can roll the dice. Furthermore, after the dice is thrown, you can run the pawn according to the value obtained from the throw of the dice.

4. Buying Land

If the result of rolling the dice leads you to an area of ​​land that is not owned, you can buy the land. However, if you stop on land that already belongs to someone else, you will be required to pay a fine.

5. Go to Jail

When the player rolls the dice, then later gets the same value. Then he has the right to play again, but if he gets the same value for 3 consecutive throws.


Then the player will be declared in prison. To get out, players must pay a fine or get a special prison-free card first.

6. Win the Game

To be able to beat other players and come out victorious. Players must get as much money and property as possible.

In addition, players must also be good at reading strategies to avoid the risk of bankruptcy.

Monopoly Price

To be able to play the game of monopoly, you will of course need a set of monopoly equipment. What is the approximate price for this monopoly set?

The price for the monopoly itself is actually very varied. Some are cheap and are priced in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. But there are also priced at fantastic prices reaching up to millions of rupiah.

The price for this game of monopoly is influenced by various factors. Among them, terms of design, materials used, to the level of complexity will also affect the price of a monopoly kit.

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