How to draw Hello Kitty

How to draw Hello Kitty

How to draw Hello Kitty

Discover how to draw a super hello kitty with simple drawing ideas and a step-by-step tutorial. You can now easily create a magnificent Hello Kitty drawing. Hello Kitty is one of the world’s most popular and recognizable characters. However, their original story differs from the most popular “cartoon” figures. Hello Kitty did not start with a television series, a comic book, or a film. Instead, it was a marketing tool for Sanrio Co. Japan. The founders of Sanrio realized that everyday products were sold better than they presented mild characters.


Hello Kitty has therefore become the figurehead for Kawaii or the Japanese cerebral. This little kitten was initially marketed to young girls in school equipment, but their attraction also cultivated young people and adults. Hello Kitty is on everything, from clothing to car stickers with diamond jewelry. Hello Kitty was the star of many books, two Japanese-themed parks, video games, and many lively and live television series since her development in 1974. She comes from London and is described as five apples. Hello Kitty likes cooking cookies, and she lives in an imaginative world with her mother, father, twin sister, and other adorable characters.


Do you want to draw your own Hello Kitty? You can now follow this simple drawing tutorial step by step. You can also use an eraser to correct all colored errors and pens, brands, or colored pencils to color the drawing. An illustration accompanies each step of this simple character manual. The new lines added to each stage are highlighted in blue, while the lines of the previous steps are displayed in black. Certain lines called leadership lines must continue while they continue.


Drawing of Hello Kitty

Step 1:

First, shoot a large circle.

Step 2:

Draw two rounded triangles on top of the circle to form the ears.

Step 3:

Draw a circle under one ear. Develop a curved line on each side of the circle to fix an irregular shape. Hello Kitty’s Sheet will form this.

Step 4:

Draw an irregular and closed shape below and overlap your head. The shape is similar to an oval with a flattened floor edge.

Step 5:

Draw a long curved line in parallel in the form. Develop a horizontally curved line from this line to the opposite side of the shape. Then develop two curved lines in the middle of the horizontal line.


Step 6:

Draw an oval on one side of the body directly under your head. Let a curve stretch from the bottom of the oval and form the thumb.

Step 7:

Draw a curved line on the opposite side and extend from the head to the medium body. Let the curve form the form of the thumb again.

Step 8:

Draw two curved parallel lines on the body.

Step 9:

Develop a wavy and fluid curved line outside the lines. This closed-form forms the dress of Hello Kitty.

Step 10:

Draw two curved parallel lines on each leg.

Step 11:

Draw another curved line on the floor of each leg.

Step 12:

Draw two circles and an oval in the middle of the face to shape your eyes and nose. Shadow the circles.

Step 13:

How to draw Hello Kitty

Draw the hair of the mustache with curved lines which extend on each side of the face. Enter an irregular oval shape on each side of Bug’s knot.

Step 14:

How to draw Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty color. Remember that your favorite color is pink!

Rules of the game, variations, history, and starting points

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