How to Change Bike Tyre at Home- Learn the Basics Here


When you acquire a motorbike, there are several things you must do. Changing your motorcycle’s tires is one of them. The majority of individuals would choose to consult a mechanic for this task. You can decide to handle it on your own to save time and money potentially. In a few easy steps, you will discover how to change bike tyre at home in this post.

How to Change Bike Tyre at Home

Unfortunately, most riders have never considered how simple it is to change their tires. They seek an expert to do it on their behalf. You could know how to go about replacing the tires on their motorcycles. The actual difficulty could be getting motorcycle accessories to perform this task.

However, none of the aforementioned difficulties should prevent you from replacing the bike’s tires. This is due to how straightforward the entire process is. With the right information, anyone can do the job of replacing a bike’s tires. As long as you have the necessary equipment like a paddock stand, changing the motorbike tyre is not difficult.

Remove the Wheel

Start with raising the bike’s end to lift its wheels from the ground. Next, you have to loosen and remove its axle using a socket. Release its chain by releasing the bike’s brake caliper. Next, reinstall your axle to maintain the caliper’s position. Consult your owner’s handbook if you can. It will be helpful for you to master any procedures exclusive to your bike’s make and model.

Deflate the Tire

The next step is to deflate the bike’s tyre. For this process, start with unscrewing the valve’s cap and removing the stem core using a special tool. Sometimes, the valve stems contain built-in caps and not separate pieces. So, having the right equipment or tools with you is only necessary when changing the motorbike tyres. It will make changing bike tyre at home an easy process.

Nevertheless, ensure not to remove the valve stem with a random tool, or you may damage it completely. If you do not acquire a tool to remove the valve stem, purchase one before starting this project.

Break the Bead

The bead refers to the inner side of the tyre attached to the rim. You can purchase a bead-breaking tool to make this step easier. Make sure to get one that comes with tyre spoons. You can use this tool easily when wedging the tyre off the wheel’s rim.

Move the tool around the bead after inserting it between the tire and wheel rim. Repeat this procedure on the other side after flipping the tire over. To stop the bead from adhering again as you move the instrument, apply a silicone spray lubricant or glass cleaning.

Pry the Bead Up and Over the Rim


To lift the tire, carefully place a tire spoon beneath the bead and press down. To keep the tire in place after you pull it up, leave a tire spoon there.

Use a second tire spoon to pry the tire from the rim a few inches from the initial tire spoon. The second spoon should remain there. You should retrieve the initial spoon and move it to a few inches. Continue doing this until the tire comes off the rim completely. Then turn the wheel over and carry out the procedure on the opposite side.

Clean the Inside of the Rim and New Tire

To ensure no debris within the new tire or the rim, wipe them off. Apply the bead lube to the tire’s edges. In an emergency, hand soap or sanitizer will also do. Put the fresh, deflated tube into the tire if it has one. Make sure to insert the valve stem into the rim’s hole.

Put the New Tire on the Rim

Carefully tuck the entire tire under the rim on one side using the tire spoons. Turn the wheel over and proceed in the same manner on the opposite side.

Reinstall the Valve Stem Core and Inflate the Tire

The tire should be fully inflated until it is resting against the rim. Verify the air pressure by doing so. You need to inflate the tire over the acceptable riding pressure level. This will make changing bike tyre at home easy.

Re-Mount the Wheel onto the Motorcycle

To remount the wheel according to the directions in your user manual. Recheck the air pressure, then adjust the chain tension and rear wheel alignment. Before you leave, make sure that all the fasteners are secure.

Although owning a motorbike presents fantastic leisure options, it also has obligations. Remember to take time to properly care for your bike and understand motorcycle riding safety guidelines. With this in mind, you will know how to change bike tyre at home easily.

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