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If you’re looking for an extreme sport, Josh Ossinger would be the first to inform you that he’s an adrenaline addict.

He grew up living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and later moved to Seattle and was interested in snowboarding. He was looking for something that could keep him through the winter season. He also learned kiteboard.

However, when he relocated to Gulf Shores, Alabama, in the last few months, he realized that few people had kiteboarding experience and were inspired to teach lessons.

“If you’re seeking to learn, you can fly kiteboarding can be an exciting sport. It’s fun and secure,” Ossinger said. “Especially if it’s done right. Some people try to learn via YouTube; I’d recommend against it. There’s plenty to learn, and the best method to learn is with the guidance of an instructor.”

Ossinger divides his program into three classes, including a one-hour introductory course in kiteboarding, along with lessons according to the hour.


“A 10 hours of instruction is dependent on the pupil whether they’d prefer to go through all 10 hours or break it into two five-hour classes, perhaps even two days,” Ossinger said. “The initial four-hour period will concentrate on the basics. Set up of the kite as well as the components of the kite learning about wind theory, all on a training kite.”


Once the fundamentals know-how is covered, you may also look at the regular kite and then get into the water.

“It’s not something you can master in one day,” Ossinger told. “You must be patient and keep working at it. Most of my friends are athletes; they ski, snowboard, and mountain bikes. After a while, I could see that they were becoming angry. They were constantly crashing the kite repeatedly. I was forced to remind them it’s going take time.”

While on-site classes will be available from Perdido Key, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and surrounding regions, the winds will be the main element in finding the best location.


“If the winds are good, the next step would be to find a suitable water area,” Ossinger said. “Ultimately, I view my business as mobile. I’m able to come to them. There are so many places to pick from among Perdido Key and Gulf Shores; however, it depends on the direction of the wind.”

Ossinger is the sole instructor in the class but would like to bring on instructors, supply the students with equipment and possibly open a brick-and-mortar supply store.

“I’m super eager to share my love for kiteboarding with the most people I can and grow the kiteboarding community,” Ossinger said. “It’s an ideal time to schedule the first lessons. January and February are among the most frigid months; however, it’ll be much more comfortable to enter the water by March. If you sign up for lessons today, you’ll be able to kiteboard by the time you finish your lessons in October.”

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