Enterprise business success is dependent on secure collaboration solutions.


We can all agree on the belief that the pandemic in the world has created flexible working conditions. Today, collaboration doesn’t solely refer to collaborative work. It has evolved into a comprehensive solution for businesses to help make everyday workflows more efficient for employees who work remotely and external suppliers and customers to boost productivity. Because they are tasked with many files and data simultaneously, they risk compromising our personal information generated by collaboration via email and are impossible to keep track of. So, utilizing secure collaborative software for a smooth and seamless collaboration in a safe method.

In a recent study released, it has been discovered that “Cybercrime has increased by 600% due to the Covid-19 Pandemic”. It’s a fact. A truth that 92 percent of malware is distributed through email, which leads to the following issues that every company is confronted with within the present, making efforts to change and transform their digital experience unsuccessful.

A rise in phishing, malware attacks, spamming, etc.

Ineffective monitoring and management of shared and accessible data

Unable to provide security for passwords to chats, virtual conferences, encrypted emails, virtual conferences, etc.

Businesses constantly need a complete cloud-based collaboration and business suite that offers the latest and most advanced tools and features, delivering secure, enterprise-grade communications with everyone they make or jobs they execute digitally.

From two-factor authentication to anti-spamming, here are a few multi-layered security options that every business should consider when choosing an email collaboration and communications solution:


Anti-spam Email anti-spam technology is employed to stop the delivery of harmful content via emails. Administrators can allow approved content or senders while blocking or denylisting communications from suspect third parties. Choosing a service equipped with tools that analyze emails, email content, and attachments for dangers and then block emails that are suspicious from being sent is ideal.

Anti-virus: One email virus could cause your company a considerable amount of damage in productivity, lost productivity, and most importantly, the image you project as a trustworthy company. It is essential to use security software that can guard against any threat and check and verify each file sent in or through your system. This could be groupware emails, FTP files, or IM transfer of files.

Secure data- the flexible filtering system in a solution that blocks password-protected data files executables hidden in archives (ZIP RAR) and ZIP SSL security to safeguard your data while transmitted across the Internet essential.

Voice and email encryption solution that lets Certificate management, in which users can sign digitally and secure email messages, is essential to ensure that messages can’t be seen by people who are not trusted. In addition, an encrypted RTP Protocol (SRTP) is required to safeguard voice and video. This is particularly advantageous for Wi-Fi devices.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)Select an option that provides another security layer to the account. Can choose the mobile application that allows two-factor authentication for your account. Or, scan the QR code using your mobile device and then connect it to obtain the time-bound password and, in turn, protect multiple accounts and make the switch simple.

Password protection: When you start client or team-based meetings using Team Chat or Conferences, the option of securing the sessions you attend by adding passwords on the link before sharing it could be an ideal solution.


Here are five key business priorities you should consider.

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