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In 2000, the Biomat USA centre, which is managed by Grifols, began operations to the public for the very first time within the City of Statesboro, which is located within University Plaza.

Since then, they’ve been on a mission to help save the lives of people in need. The task can be satisfied by the well-paying donations of blood.

That’s right. The only thing you need to do to save an individual’s life is the gift of a small portion of your blood, referred to as plasma. It is the fluid part of your blood which is a source of antibodies and proteins that maintain the health of your body.

Some people are born without enough levels of this chemical, which can lead to health issues that could prove dangerous if not dealt with properly.

However, thanks to organizations like Biomat America, individuals from all over the city can offer a small amount of their plasma to save a patient’s life. It is possible to be compensated for your efforts.

Yes, you read it correctly. Biomat USA compensates you for the time you spend and plasma. New users receive around $100 in the first few visits, followed by regular, smaller payouts for every donation.

The money is delivered to you the same day and can be exchanged at the nearest ATM, which makes this an excellent way to pay for all college costs or other expenses one may want.

Grifols Executive Director of Corporate Affairs Vlasta Haix explained that this was “a way to say thank you and to thank the donor for coming in”.

The first time you visit Biomat USA, it will take more than an hour to finish. The team at Biomat America is meticulous and with good reason. The safety of the donor and the recipient of the plasma in good health is their primary concern.

They will insist on donating within four hours after eating and adequately hydrating. The first time you visit, you must undergo a series of questionnaires and a physical examination before being allowed to donate if approved.

Don’t let this put you off, but don’t let it scare you. The reasons behind being denied aren’t as serious as you believe. Please make sure you check with them before signing yourself off the contribution.


It’s not uncommon to meet many people who might be doubtful about donating. COVID has struck some doubts with potential donors. Fortunately, Haix was more than willing to put some of the fears to the side.

If you are concerned that the absence of plasma could hinder your body’s ability to fight off viruses and infections such as COVID, it must be considered that the plasma donation process is relatively safe, provided you eat ample food and drink to drink before.

“We are taking just a small part of your plasma,” explained Haix. “So your body still has all the rest of your plasma, and your body quickly regenerates.”

The time to recover from a donation can be anywhere from one to two days before you can make another donation. This is significantly shorter than the 56 days it takes to give blood once more. This is because the process of extracting plasma only extracts your plasma and then returns the blood at the end of the procedure.

“There’s nothing we’ve seen that donating plasma will impact your immune system,” said Haix. “Your body will continue to fight, whether it’s COVID or your cold and all that.”

It’s not saying there are not some adverse negative effects. There is the possibility of bruising, lightheadedness or fatigue. These are not severe symptoms. However, they can be avoided by following the simple rules that the centre requires you to follow before donating.

Consuming a healthy meal and drinking plenty of fluids is the minimum you need to take care of to ensure the process is as safe as possible. Also, it is worth noting that there aren’t many serious side effects that you might be susceptible to. A few of them include the muscles becoming numb, twitching, or chills.

It’s not an easy procedure, but it’s also an event that can save lives. Your life is also essential, which is why the Biomat Center is aware of and believes in this complete stop. It’s possible to be denied as a donor if they spot anything that puts your life in danger.

The entire staff is amiable and compassionate toward their patients if you decide to donate. They’re also professionally trained to keep your and any of your personal information protected and secure.

While you’re giving, staff members will quickly track you when you’re watching television or playing with your phone while making the donation.

Donating plasma may not be suitable for everyone, but it could save someone’s life, and that’s enough reason to get involved.




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