Does the Health Plan cover silicone?


There is a frequent doubt among people as to whether the health plan covers silicone, especially among women.

It is something quite natural, since breast augmentation is currently the most performed plastic surgery in Brazil and in the world.

A data demonstrates that more and more women are looking for this procedure to make corrections in their breasts.

A search that can have aesthetic and psychological reasons, such as dissatisfaction with the size of the breast, correction of breast asymmetry, insecurity with the body or the desire to feel more attractive.

However, the reasons for having silicone implants go beyond these reasons, surgery can also be sought for breast reconstruction, in cases where the woman has had a mastectomy to treat breast cancer.

Plastic surgery data

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Brazil currently occupies the second position in the world ranking of aesthetic surgical interventions. With about 1.2 million procedures performed.

In this way, the country is second only to the United States, which occupies the first position with more than 1 million and 400 thousand interventions carried out per year.

Therefore, the 10 procedures below are the most popular plastic surgeries in Brazil:

1- Breast augmentation: 15.6%;

2- Liposuction: 14.6%;

3- Eyelid Surgery: 12.5%;

4- Rhinoplasty: 8.1%;

5- Abdominoplasty: 7.5%;


6- Breast Lift: 1%;

7- Fat Graft – Face: 5.6%;

8- Breast reduction : 4.5%;

9- Facelift: 4.3%;

10- Buttock augmentation – fat transfer: 3.1%.

Does the health plan cover silicone?

Yes, it is possible to put silicone in the breast through the deductible health plan . However, this coverage only occurs in some specific cases.

In which situations does the health plan cover silicone?

According to the National Health Agency (ANS), the health plan is only required to cover breast implant surgery when it does not involve only aesthetic reasons.

Thus, the implant is only covered in the following situations: breast reconstruction , in cases of tumors, breast cancers, or other similar traumas.

Or in cases of mental disorder attested by a doctor. It must have the same intensity as a physical disorder.

Therefore, the doctor must attest to the harm caused by the woman’s appearance to her mental health.

Does the plan cover consultations and prep exams for surgery?

When the health plan authorizes this surgery, it must bear all costs related to it.

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