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Computer science is a field packed with rewarding and lucrative careers. While a computer science qualification can open many career opportunities, it’s only the first step. Whether you’re a student earning your degree in computer science or recently earned your diploma, the next crucial step is finding a job. Ensure that qualifying is a vital prerequisite for many job opportunities. Still, you can also have some type of computer science résumé showcases your skills and abilities to land an interview. This guide will show you the skills you’ll need to list on your résumé to interest potential employers.

What Hard Skills Do I Requirement for Computer Science?

Hard skills are the particular abilities you employ to flourish in your daily job. As it pertains to IT, many of these skills are technical. They’re very important for computer science candidates to list on their résumés. Most of the skills listed here are ones you learn as a WGU student.

What Are The Top Computer Science Skills?

  • Computer and technology skills. You must possess advanced computer and technology skills to excel in an IT position. This can include understanding hardware, understanding os’s, proficiency in typing, and prowess in spreadsheets and presentations. When you earn a qualification from WGU, you gain vital computer skills as you progress throughout your coursework.
  • Data analysis. In virtually any IT job, you’ll need to be able to interpret and analyze complex data. On your résumé, highlight proficiency with data software and demonstrate that you know how to produce actionable reports. This shows you wish to not only do the job but additionally understand how that work influences results. Data analysis helps inform future decisions and explains to everyone, from consumers to executives, how a project performed and what meaning for an organization.
  • Software development. Understanding software principles and development is a superb hard skill to list on your résumé; It shows you recognize the procedure of working together to publish code and programs, troubleshoot and test them, and ultimately create a pc software program that’s usable. This information will uncover the types of programming languages which can be great to list on your résumé later. Listing software development as among the skills on your résumé is a great differentiator.
  • Technical writing. Technical writing includes a very specific purpose in the IT world. IT professionals may write technical documentation to give explanations and directions for IT situations. Employers want to note that you did not just have knowledge and skills but may also explain work to others. Upleveling, your technical writing skills on your résumé, will show employers you’ll be able to briefly train and orient others through writing or jot down any articles or information required for projects.
  • A great understanding of math and formulas can help you excel in computer science. Whether it’s statistics or calculus, your math knowledge will be handy when you need to run formulas and solve problems within your coding and development. Listing math as a skill on your pc science résumé will let potential employers know you have the data and skills to fix complex problems.

What Soft Skills Do I Requirement for Computer Science?

Soft skills are occasionally broadly called “people skills.” They’re the intangible qualities you bring to employment which can be crucial to how you communicate with others. Soft skills will even impact your efficiency and ability to do the technical aspects of your job. These skills are very important for your success in IT.

  • Attention to detail. In the computer science and IT field, attention to detail is vital. You need to be able to look at long lines of code and identify anything amiss. Having an eye for small details will help you have a massive effect on projects. Listing on your résumé that you’re detail-oriented shows potential employers you understand how small, impactful elements are to the bigger project. Being a stickler for the important points is an immense strength.
  • Some individuals think computer science is all logical, dry work. But that’s simply not true. Creativity is key to solving problems and creating functional, modern web applications and websites. When you put creativity on your résumé, the hiring manager could see you’re someone who’ll think away from the box to fix problems and give unique solutions.
  • In the IT world, communication is key. This soft skill is critical to assist you in communicating with clients, coworkers, and managers. Show you’re skilled in explaining work, objectives, and timelines. Listing communication on your résumé demonstrates that you recognize the significance of communicating clearly in your job. It’s wise to show employers that you are willing to act respectfully in workplace communication.
  • Time management. Generally, in most jobs in the computer science field, you can find tight deadlines, competing priorities, and quick transitions between tasks. Effective time management can help you stay on the surface of the various tasks and projects you’ll face. By listing time management on your résumé, you show potential employers you’re dedicated to hitting deadlines and that you will be productive and efficient in your work.
  • Teamwork & cooperation. A good team player is key in any organization, but it’s particularly important if you’re in computer science. Often, software engineers, data scientists, and IT professionals are likely to collaborate with numerous different groups within an organization to make certain timelines are met, and expectations are fulfilled.
  • Computer science is a very analytical field. You need to be able to analyze countless lines of code to troubleshoot and find solutions. Especially, being proactive is key, as it’s important to ensure quality at the creation stage to prevent costly fixes later. The most impactful type of analysis involves taking data and deriving conclusions that drive change and produce measurable results for an organization.
  • If you’re preparing some type of computer science résumé, the organization should be a premier skill on your list. Why? Because staying organized is critical to not only your productivity but to the success of a business. For instance, if you’re focusing on complex lines of code and can’t keep your projects organized, you might make very expensive mistakes that may cause systems to avoid functioning or even expose sensitive data.

Training and teaching. Showing you’re a willing teacher can help you stick out when searching for a job. Someone with a mindset to lift and guide others can greatly impact virtually any organization. Technically proficient is par for the course, but training and leadership skills can set you apart.

What Programming and Coding Languages Do I Need to Know for Computer Science?

As it pertains to computer science and IT, a wide variety of programming languages can be crucial to know. Using these languages, you could code in instructions, design frameworks, and software solutions for your organization. There are several important programming languages you ought to be confident with and list on your résumé to let hiring managers know you have the technical expertise to be impactful in their organization. Highlighting your proficiency in multiple programming languages shows you’re ready for the task and effective at learning other languages.

C# is a general, multipurpose language created for Microsoft platforms. It takes the .NET framework on Windows to work. C# is a cross of Java, C++ and C languages. C# is quickly becoming an exceptionally popular coding language, and putting it on your résumé shows the hiring manager that you’re up-to-date on new and popular languages. Since it’s a mix of other languages, employers can assume you know or can learn other languages quickly.


C# programming language may be used to construct most situations but is best suited for coding Windows desktop applications and games. If this is the computer science job you’re trying to find, highlight C# proficiency on your résumé. C# can become popular for web and mobile development, so if you’re searching for employment building mobile or web applications, listing C# on your résumé is a smart idea. At WGU, we offer software development degrees with two tracks, C# and Java, to pick which track will soon be most effective for you. You may have the opportunity to learn both languages in WGU programs.

C++ is another general-purpose programming language just like C#. What separates C++ from other languages is especially its ability to precisely define operations for some type of computer to perform. Many of these operations involve manipulating numbers and text, but anything the computer can perform could be programmed in C++. It’s a great programming language to list on your résumé because it shows you’re versatile and comfortable in a language that can manipulate anything on a computer.

Java is a well-known computer coding language that allows programmers to publish instructions in English instead of numeric codes. It’s among the easiest programming languages because it uses understandable language instead of complex codes. Java is useful for writing programs and works with open-source or community-built projects. It could also deploy, debug, and monitor other Java applications on the cloud.

Android apps could be built on Java, so putting Java on your résumé can cause you to be marketable. WGU offers courses on Java in software development, data management and data analytics, and computer science bachelor’s degrees. These programs utilize Java coursework to help students be equipped for specific software development tasks they need to be ready for.

Python is a higher-level programming language employed to produce desktop applications, websites, and web applications. Because it is more high-level, common programming tasks are taken care of, allowing you to give attention to core functionality. Python has simple syntax rules, making it easier to keep the code readable. Python is employed to process text, display images or numbers, solve equations, and save data. Listing Python proficiency on your résumé demonstrates you have skills in a well-established coding language used across various industries for various functions.


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