COD Merchant connects businesses to retailers across the nation – Oghoetuoma, the CICOD Merchant’s CEO. Crown Interactive.


Plans to become the dominant software company that will emerge in Africa.

The time of merchants traveling across states to resell their products could soon be over because there’s now a technological system that links businesses with resellers across different states. COD Merchant is one of the newly launched merchant solutions attempting to establish an SME network by connecting resellers and merchants.

The CEO and founder of Crown Interactive, Wumi Oghoetuoma, was an interviewer of the Nairametrics Business Half Hour show. He said that the latest product launched was designed to create the foundation of an SME Network that producers and other actors within the supply chain can benefit from.

“We are convinced that manufacturing can be the new future for Nigeria and that building an effective SME network is only one of the steps towards changing that value chain. There is no requirement for everyone to go to Lagos or travel to Abuja to sell their goods. What happens if where you are, serve your local community, place your items onto CICOD Merchant and have somebody as your reseller in Lagos or Kaduna or Abuja?” he asked.

He said that Crown Interactive is a software company with a clear and precise roadmap and specific systems that outline the kinds of issues they wish to address and the lifespan of their suite of software that can provide companies with business solutions.

“Just like Oracle has a variety of products, we too have a suite. Our vision is specific about our plans and what systems ought to be doing. The fact that we are a software development business can cause some confusion for us. It’s more efficient in terms of money, but it’s not as close to the vision we’d like to achieve. We’re a software business, not a company for software development,” Oghoetuoma explained.

What happened to it

About a decade ago, the Oghoetuoma family was seeking a job as a consultant in business process reengineering and analysis. He also worked with a variety of international corporations. He was at a point where he realized that the process of transformation could be brought to Nigeria.

“All the work that we were involved in during that period was fascinating because we were part of many processes and systems. I began to think that we could accomplish this in Nigeria. If these big companies transform and have to put all their processes together to develop them to the next stage and beyond, it could surely be accomplished in Nigeria. I thought that if we did similar things in Nigeria, that could be beneficial to the nation and her business,” he said.

The company was initially established within the United Kingdom, trying to develop solutions and services for customers from Nigeria. But it became evident in time that if they wanted to plan to offer solutions to merchants and businesses in Nigeria and across Africa, the best location to establish their operations was in Nigeria. Based on this assumption that the company decided to relocate to Nigeria.

The team was through the lows and highs as they lost money, started with a fresh start, and then fundraising funds, and finally broke free from the cycle after securing a major buyer in Nigeria’s energy industry. The most challenging part for him was convincing people that they could do it and purchase locally. It took the first significant shift to change the world.


The United Kingdom. Crown Interactive now has a range of various solutions and products for merchants and businesses in Nigeria and has recently returned to the UK. One of these products is called the Workflow Manager (WFM). This Flexible and fully integrated platform integrates with the Business and Operation Support system used for Service Fulfillment and Problem Handling. It automatizes back-office processes specifically for business processes that require approval that span departments and procedures, including complaints handling tasks management to management of inventory requests. This allows businesses to follow issues from their onset to resolution.

Additionally, there is CICOD Customer Order Management (COM). COD Customers Order Management (COM) is an application that can manage orders for merchants in various industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Public Sectors. This application has features like Sales Order Process and Order Management Invoicing, Payment Validation, the Order Delivery process, Payment Confirmation, and other features, allowing companies to manage the entire duration of their products, starting from purchase, order processing, fulfillment, to delivery.

COD also offers a Customer Management & Billing platform that makes it easier to manage customer procedures for all types of customers. This product is a cost-effective method to streamline the business processes, efficiently manage customers, and remain flexible. The product comes with features such as Customer Order Management/Provisioning Customer Account Management product management, automated estimation of billing Methodology, non-energy Billing (Flexible solution for managing billing across many industries), and more.,

COD Energy Management Control Center CICOD Energy Management Control Center was created to assist users in keeping on top of their consumption of services offered, such as Electricity, Water, or Gas to ensure fewer outages and zero leaks.

The tool allows for more efficient control and optimizes demand and distribution through Load Sharing, Demand Management, Revenue Assurance, Monitoring, and Analyzing. It can also forecast energy consumption, Bulk Purchase & Distribution Management, Asset Provisioning, Power Management, Consumption Management.

COD is the freemium model that allows users to try an initial trial for free of software and switch to the higher-end version after. These are fully integrated Modules with the option to choose and deploy to a private cloud or as SaaS. So, business owners and business owners can explore the functions of their businesses and observe how they improve their operations and their returns before deciding which one should be upgraded to.

The CEO pointed out that the company is providing solutions for merchants within the power sector before expanding into the supply chain and manufacturing sector in recent times because of its impact on the supply chain and manufacturing sector.

COD plays the role of an aggregator at the point of payment, using one plugin – the unified collection gateway, which integrates all payment service providers and offers businesses an integrated plugin that can handle different payment types.

Crown Interactive plans to be the leading software firm to emerge from Africa over the next ten years, “providing the best and most cutting-edge software available to as well as from Africa,” and the founder of the company says that this is due to the growing “too important to be overlooked.”

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