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One of the few fully online Doctors of Psychology (Psy.D. ), Capella University is a unique institution. Capella University is the only fully online Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program in the United States. Capella University is ideal for students who wish to keep working or cannot relocate to pursue a Psy.D. degree.

What are the greatest benefits and drawbacks of this program? And what should prospective students know to make informed decisions about their education?

About the Program

Here are some statistics and facts about Capella’s Psy.D. program.


  • Type of institution: Private, not-for-profit
  • Main Campus: Minneapolis; Psy.D. The program is available online
  • Higher Learning Commission Accreditation
  • Fees and tuition
  • Credit tuition: $540
  • Dissertation tuition: $2,780 per quarter (clinical psychology)
  • Comprehensive exam tuition: $2780 per quarter (school psychologist)
  • Weeks-in-residence (clinical psychology), $600 per week (four weeks are required).
  • Residency (school psychology), $1,495 (6 residencies are required).

2-week extended seminar: $3,290 per seminar (two seminars required, clinical psychology); $2,990 per seminar (two seminars required, school psychology)

Degrees and requirements

Psy.D. Psy.D. degrees available: Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology in School Psychology

  • Non-Psy.D. Degrees offered: None
  • Credit Hours: 96
  • Admissions
  • Online application
  • Application fee: $50

Admission requirements: Master’s Degree; GPA at least 3.0; letters and recommendation; resume; admissions essay/goal statements; faculty interview

The Biggest Pros

What are the most important factors that make Capella’s Psy.D. attractive? This degree is attractive to students who are considering it.


Flexible & fully online

Although Capella’s Flexpath degree approach has not yet been made available to this program, students still have a lot of flexibility and can continue their jobs and lives while they study. This is because all coursework can be done online. While some seminars and events may be held in person, most school psychology and clinical psychologist Psy.D. requirements can be done online. Capella offers online degrees. This is the most important factor for prospective students. Many schools don’t offer online courses or have very few. Capella is unique because this program is almost entirely done online.


Capella’s program is a refreshingly affordable option in a field where students can expect to pay up to $150,000 for their PhD. The average student will not need to spend more than $50,000 depending on their Psy.D length. They must sit for licensure exams as they prepare to become licensed psychologists. Students who want to work with populations or in areas that don’t pay well will be able to afford a Psy.D. Capella’s Psy.D. is a school that is affordable and highly sought-after. Program.

Concentrate on professionals who work

Some Psy.D. students are not eligible for this program. Some Psy.D. students may be recent graduates with master’s or college degrees, but Capella’s program is designed to cater to working professionals. This is evident in both the cost and the online experience. The program’s structure, which combines coursework with face-to-face experiences, ensures that students are prepared for their next step. It also allows them to participate in important life events like weddings while completing their doctorate.

Biggest Mistakes

Capella’s Psy.D. program is a good option. Capella’s Psy.D. programs may not be for everyone. So what factors might make students reconsider pursuing a Capella Psy.D.?

There are very few degree options.

Only two degrees are available: school and clinical. A prospective Psy.D. has only two options. Students interested in studying forensic, industrial-organizational or other emerging fields of psychology might be better served at other institutions with a broader portfolio of degrees and focus areas.

Inadequate APA accreditation

The American Psychological Association has only accredited 100 Psy.D. There are many programs across the United States, and Capella’s isn’t one of them. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to earn a Capella Psy.D. While this won’t prove to be a problem, it does mean that students will need to understand that, depending upon the type of employer in their field, they may find themselves less appealing job candidates if they attend a school not accredited by the APA.


Other Psy.D. programs: While many programs have a longer history than Capella’s, few places place the student’s practical needs first and foremost. Capella University’s Psy.D. program allows almost all the work required to earn the degree online and keeps costs low. Capella University’s Psy.D. degree options appeal to working professionals and who want to improve their careers but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen.


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