Business Growth Activities You Can Work Right Now.


Did you know that growth events are among the most efficient and effective methods for you to expand your company (especially when they are combined with social media and email marketing)?

Why is this happening?

According to a variety of companies– Constant Contact included — events are a great way to grow your business since they enable you to . . .

Make your sales more profitable. If you host the event, you bring an entire group of people together rather than trying to market your product or service on a one-to-one basis. This is far more effective utilization of your time and can accelerate your selling process.

Increase your level of trust quickly. Humans are psychologically conditioned to react more strongly to those who have eyes and faces we can recognize. So, if you let people see you (and hear your voice, etc. ), they’ll automatically have more confidence in you than if they’ve checked out your website.

Inform your customers about what you can provide. If you’re a loyal audience, use that opportunity to inform them about your service or product and any new developments you’ve implemented.

Get signups/sales. You could even create an offer at the event to sign up immediately. It doesn’t need to be a push sale. It’s enough to inform those who inquire about your benefits of joining and request that they sign up to learn more If they’re interested.

I’m convinced that 99% of companies can benefit from events to boost their business. However, they must select the appropriate event type to suit their needs.

You can organize business growth events to organize right now

Seven different types of events which is right for you?

1. Host a customer panel

Invite a handful of your top customers together and offer refreshments and drinks. Let them know about your latest plans and solicit their feedback. You’ll receive valuable feedback to improve your company and offer them a discount should they decide to take your latest item or service if they make a reservation today.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to make an offer without creating a “big sell,” but if they’re willing to accept your request, they will.

2. Share your best practices

You’re an expert in what you do because you have built an income from your expertise. Therefore, you’ve got a lot of helpful information you can give your clients and prospective customers. You can organize an event to teach them the best practices in your field. This will show your clients you are knowledgeable and build confidence in your business.

To utilize this, you don’t need to be a B2B (Business to Business) firm. For example, wedding photographers could organize a workshop for brides to learn how to look stunning in their wedding pictures. After the seminar, the audience will feel comfortable with their photographer and know they’re excellent at their work. Therefore, they are more likely to hire them for their weddings.


3. Set up a “Getting Started by … and “how you can” event

In most cases, your customers appreciate the concept of the services you offer, but they aren’t sure of which way to use your services and products. Therefore, taking them through this is an effective way of getting the needle towards buying.

In the same way, a “how-to” session can be highly effective. Using this method, you will discuss the best way to tackle a particular issue and discuss your services or products as the solution.

4. Open house

If you have a place or business space, An open house is a perfect method to let people experience “behind the behind the scenes.” It will make them feel that they are more familiar with your company and become more curious about the things you’re up to.

You’ll be amazed by the number of customers and potential customers who would like to learn more about what’s happening in the background, increasing their likelihood of purchasing from you.

5. You can host a holiday or seasonal celebration

Simple acts of getting people together to meet and chat can be highly effective, and a holiday or seasonal gathering is the best option to achieve this.

If you decide to host the event in your own home or an outdoor location, you should think about hosting an event that invites guests and those who are “business colleagues.” The guests will be talking to one another about how awesome you are, and they will also be able to speak with you regarding specific concerns they may have.

6. Organise a social gathering

A group of people in your workplace might want to get together. This is true for B2-B firms but applies to numerous B2C (Business to Consumer) companies. Suppose you can help facilitate that gathering by getting the participants in the same room and making some helpful introductions (because you’re familiar with them all). In that case, you’ll become the one in people’s eyes.

If you’re the one who is in the know and know-how, they’ll believe more highly of you and your knowledge and are more likely to refer them to you shortly.

7. Create a “taster” event

You can organize a taster event if you have something to sell that you break down into smaller pieces. This could include trial classes for training or wine tasting events, where you can sell wine bottles. It is an excellent method to test a product or service at a lower cost, which means prospective customers risk financial loss.

If you want to taste your food, you can offer an opportunity to present your complete service and offer the guests a discount or an additional if they make a reservation in advance.

Start to be more productive.

Business growth events do not have to be complex or expensive. They need to be a good fit for your company’s needs.

Select a suitable event from the list, or think of your event and consider how quickly you could hold it. I recommend starting with something smaller and basic initially. Such as an open house or a small customer panel featuring your most valuable customers. Make a list of SMART objectives for your event and evaluate the success of your event.


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