Bizrate Wellness center connects local health companies from the area together.

Ethan Weston/News Tribune The chiropractic room at the Jefferson City Wellness Center on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022 at the Capital Mall in Jefferson City, Mo. The wellness center also features a massage therapist and reflexologist.

People who visit the Capital Mall have a new chance to boost their health with the newly opened Jefferson City Wellness Center.

The center, which was opened in December, has a variety of wellness-focused services to meet your requirements for wellness, including physical therapy and fitness.

The facilities’ businesses include Studio 573 Fitness Outbound Physical Therapy & Rehab, J.R. Pain Management Health & Reflexology, and Integrity Therapeutic Massage.

The venue has changed shapes over the decades. At one time, it was a Capital 4 Movie Theater. Later, it became Wilson’s Fitness for a few years. Studio 573 Fitness’s director Erin Bidlack then took over the building in 2017 to create her fitness center; however, she was blessed with lots of space. The vast area provided an opportunity for other wellness-focused businesses to unite to create the new center in the last quarter of 2017.

Bidlack collaborated with Jennifer Schneiders, owner of Outbound Physical Therapy & Rehab, to find a suitable space for Schneiders expanding business. Through extensive discussions and ample space to develop, the venture eventually expanded to include multiple companies.

“I was searching for a space to expand, and we started talking about it before COVID was even a thing,” Schneiders said. “This allows me to expand my business and provide services to patients at both sides of town and outlying communities. It was just not practical for most residents living on the edges of town. This helps the population in that area to avail the services we offer.”

Bidlack, along with other entrepreneurs, couldn’t be reached for comment.

The center hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony and an open house in December, with help from members of the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Carrie Tergin.

Jefferson City Wellness Center Jefferson City Wellness Center is located at Capital Mall, 3600 Country Club Drive, near Dillards.

Rapid Chow is hoping to expand services.

The Mid-Missouri Food Delivery service allows users to purchase meals from local eateries and enables these establishments to to participate in the delivery trend. The company’s owners hope to extend its service to offer more delivery options over the following months.


Jeremiah Slaughter and his wife, Amber, started Rapid Chow in Jefferson City in 2018. Initially, they took orders for groceries via social media before soon expanding their website to cater to the increasing demands.

The Slaughters soon realized that food orders were the most sought-after request and shifted away from grocery shopping and instead partnered with local eateries to provide low-cost delivery throughout the city. Their business was booming before larger companies such as DoorDash established themselves in the region, providing an innovative option to Jefferson City residents.

With the increasing emphasis on the delivery of babies within the community and all over the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple noted many more chances to grow over the next few months.

“I think we’re in an excellent place. We’re looking at different aspects of delivery like the convenience store online,” Slaughter said. “I believe this is the next step coming in the coming weeks, so we’re eager to expand our business.”

The company also plans to grow to include snacks and delivery of alcohol this year.

Rapid Chow benefits local businesses and allows local restaurants to take advantage of the market for delivery without excessive costs imposed by larger companies and permitting restaurants to keep their profit margins without having to pay commissions for delivery.

“The community certainly supports the business,” Slaughter said. “We maintain our profit margins within the community of small local eateries locally owned. That’s the reason we invest in local restaurants. We’re big on helping local eateries remain in business, which determines what we do with our business.”

The Slaughters attempt to distinguish themselves from the rest by caring for their drivers and also provide suggestions for those who didn’t receive them from customers and reimbursed them for journeys back to their locations to redeliver.

The open restaurants comprise Prison Brews, Hunan, Madison’s Cafe, and the Pizza Company. Chains such as McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A are available to order via Rapid Chow.

Rapid Chow covers nearly 80 percent of the Jefferson City restaurants. It’s additionally available at Fulton, which can cover 90% of the local flavor, and a handful of restaurants located in Columbia, Mexico, and Wentzville.

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