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Spiti is a high altitude region in the north eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. In bhoti language the place is spelled as “piti”. It incorporates the valleys of Spiti river. Spiti is called “The Middle Land” i.e the land between India and Tibet. 


Best things to do in Spiti Valley: 


If you are visiting this place then you should not miss the adventure, wandering in the villages of Spiti and understanding this place. To do so look at the list and follow the same.


  1.  River Rafting- 

River rafting tops the list of adventure seekers and in Spiti, it is one of the most adventurous activities to do. With snow capped mountains, monasteries on the top of hills and a memorable view, Spiti and Pin Rivers offer an experience of a lifetime. One can feel the stimulation, excitement and tingling in their stomach throughout the sport. 


  1. Pin Valley National Park- 

The national park has many Tibetan Buddhist, lamas and local residents. This national park is a natural habitat for many endangered species including snow leopards, Siberian ibex, Himalayan snow cocks, Tibetan gazelle, snow partridges and many more. The national park offers picturesque views, beauty of nature along with wildlife spotting. One loses the track of time while doing the activities the park offers.


  1. Buddhist Monasteries- 

Visiting Spiti Valley and not seeing the monasteries here is like visiting the mountains and not enjoying the maggie. Spiti is rich in Buddhist culture and religion giving the place another reason for being a tourist attraction. You can visit any or all of them. Monasteries here provide peace to the mind and soul. The architecture and ancient murals of the monasteries will leave you awestruck. Some famous monasteries are Key Monastery, Kardang Monastery and more.


  1. Chandra Taal Camping- 

Chandra Taal is a lake in the shape of a crescent moon lying in the lap of himalayas making it one of the most popular views in Spiti Valley. Staying and camping here for a night will make visiting the lake more worthy. Witness the awestruck view at night with the sky full of stars. 


  1. Dhankar Lake Trekking- 

Trekking to Dhankar lake provides the privilege of peace along with adventure. It is located above the Dhankar Village at an elevation of 4140 meters in the middle of the hill. The adventure and efforts reaching the lake becomes all worthy as the lake has a breathtaking and picturesque view. At the bank of the lake you can feel chilly wind giving goosebumps. The water in the lake is crystal clear and reflects the sky and snow capped mountains like a mirror. 



  1. Shopping- 

Visiting a place and not buying their speciality is a mandatory thing especially for women and Spiti is very much famous for its handcrafts. The Best and most popular market to shop for lies in Kaza. you can find the best tibetan and buddhist handicrafts from here. Also if you are good at bargaining then you can have the best souvenir at a price you are comfortable with. 


  1. Fossil Hunting- 

Yes, finding fossils in Spiti especially in Langza and Hikkim Villages of Spiti Valley is a very interesting activity to perform. This activity gives unique and fun experiences. You can find fossils in these villages just by wandering and exploring the same and not to worry if you can not find them because you will see the local children of the village selling them.


  1. Eating- 

It is very obvious because visiting a place and trying the local food is the best one can do. Villagers and locals of Spiti prefer non vegetarian food like chicken, mutton, lamb, fish and even yak. Only few vegetables grow here like specific roots and tubers and green leafy vegetables. Food in Spiti is all organic and fresh whether you try it in hotels, restaurants or homestays. 


Some of the local dishes you should try are thukpa, tsampa, dumplings, chiltas, kyu and more, but mostly you will find dal, roti and rice as common food. And must try the famous alcoholic beverages chhaang and Arak prepared for festivals and other occasions like marriage, birth, success celebrations or death.


  1. Yak Safari- 

You can find yak in almost every house of a local which makes it easily accessible. Travelling like a local on a yak gives another unique experience and makes it easier to interact with locals and know more about their culture. 


  1.  Highest Post Office of the world- 

In Hikkim Village of Spiti Village lies the worlds’ highest post office at an elevation of 4389 meters between Komic and Langza. It is free of cost just for visiting. The post office also acts like a bank for villagers where they can save money in their savings account and also can withdraw too. The Postal Index Number (PIN) of the village is 172114. 



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