A Sharp Shift to Digital World


As we all know change is the only constant, Change is inevitable.

After covid we have seen many such changes in our life which were adopted by us due to the pandemic like our working style, education, travel and many more such things have changed.

Some changes were good while some of them were hard to accept.

One such change is the act of reading.

Easy access to internet and covid situation in India as well as globally has made it possible to shift to digital reading. People have noticed and understood the importance of digital reading after the covid situation arrived and also the sharing becomes so easy while we read on screen.

The libraries are more concerned about digital readings but those are also shifted their work area more towards internet and digital access are given to the people in many libraries at present time.

Many companies have also come with the same idea of digital library and have solved a major problem which occurred during covid in the society.One such company is mentioned below.


A Noida based company which is all in one library and has millions of subscribers.Its a one stop destinations for all reading needs one can ask for. Tenhard has also started its own issue of magazines that will satiate all your reading needs. From travel, food, business, sports to celebrity and lifestyle, you can find it all here.






Story books


Biographies and much more.

Benefits of having Tenhard

  • Easy to use.
  • Access anywhere and anytime.
  • One subscription works with 4 devices.
  • Wide collection of magazines,newspapers,stories,novels etc
  • Affordable subscription fee.
  • No exposure to outside world for reading or buying books, newspapers etc.

Technology has always made our life easier and comfortable and that is the reason we accept changes and technology acts as a catalyst in the acceptance.


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