5 Wedding Party Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs


Weddings are an important event in many people’s lives. Not only does this serve as a milestone for relationships, but it also draws family and friends together. And so, a wedding party might only last a day, but the memories everyone gets from it can last forever.

Creating a moment that will provide good memories takes a lot of effort. From your choice of a wedding caterer to picking an events place, mindful considerations are important. It is widely believed that your ability to host parties reflects your hospitality and caring for your guests and their experience is a good way to show it.

While weddings are, of course, a celebration of your and your partner’s love for each other, the best way to celebrate it is to share that precious time with the people who matter to you. A meaningful celebration doesn’t need to emanate grandeur and perfection, it only has to be right.

‘Right’ means making the appropriate decisions that would best fit you and your guests. At the of the day, you want your party to be remembered in a good way and not as an almost traumatic experience.

And so, if you are planning your wedding party and might be wondering about the common party mistakes that can leave a not-so-good impression on the guests, here are some you can avoid:

Unappropriate Venue

The choice of venue is important in setting the mood and ambiance of any occasion. When planning for a wedding, choose whichever suits your personality and fits your budget.

There are endless options for which location you should go for and although it might be a challenge to choose one that you think is best, here are some points you should consider to simplify the choosing process: external noise, view, accessibility, and size.

For example, if your chosen venue is located near an ongoing construction where you hear nothing but drills and digging and has a distracting view, the guest’s attention might veer away from the party and forget to enjoy.

Wedding parties can be as simple as being in a home’s backyard or be as grand as renting a resort. Both options can provide the best experience for everyone as long as they radiate happiness and comfortability.

Uncomfortable Temperature

Room temperature might the least of your concern when planning a party and if you think of it, you might even ask who cares. Perhaps one of the reasons why it’s often overlooked is because it’s not a visual aspect for any occasion.

People can see cakes, people can see food, people can see a gown, and they can very well see a flower arrangement. Most of the efforts people put in planning a wedding party are on things that are easily seen and observed. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, there’s also more to a party than what can be seen.

The temperature of your venue is not something you will notice until you spend time there. Lack of ventilation in humid weather will have sweaty guests and lack of heating systems in colder seasons will have freezing guests.

It’s important to make your guests comfortable to be able to fully enjoy your party and everything you have prepared for them.


Poor Choice Of Food

Food is essential at any party. Eating is considered a social event as it connects people and relates them to a similar matter of interest. And so, it can be argued that relationships are formed and strengthened from eating. This makes food a greater responsibility for you as a host.

To ensure that everyone would enjoy the variety of food choices you are preparing for your guests, try to ask them if they have any food allergies, are vegan, or are on a strict diet. This doesn’t mean that you need to change your planned party meal for them, but this means that you have to be more accommodating of their needs so they can also enjoy your party.

Lousy Timing

Time is a fundamental matter in life that affects everything we do and so it is innate for people to value time and manage it wisely. This is similar to how you should view parties. In scheduling a wedding party, everything has to be properly timed.

If you’re setting the date of your wedding to national events such as the election period or worldwide celebrations such as Christmas, you need to be prepared that not everyone on your guest list will arrive. You have to understand that some of the things people do during these times are planned for months or even years, so it might not be easy for them to drop their plans easily.

When it comes to parties, being mindful of the timing is also needed. If your food takes too long to be served or if your guests wait for you to get changed into your party dress for two hours, it can easily spoil the mood for everyone. You might see yourself struggling to lift their spirits again.

Random Seating Arrangement

It is common for weddings to invite people from different facets of your life- be from school, office, neighborhood, childhood, or organization you are in. To top that off, people from both your and your partner’s sides will be coming.

In other words, the people you will invite to your wedding party might not know each other at all are strangers. To be able to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and entertained, you have to make your seating arrangement work.

If people are seated next to someone they’ve never seen before, you will end up with guests feeling awkward and unsatisfied with their experience.

Key Takeaway

Weddings are supposed to be a fun time you get to celebrate with your loved ones. When you are older and go through pictures taken that day, you want to be reminded of the warmest and happiest memories – this is a manifestation of a meaningful party.

A party that is meant to be meaningful doesn’t need a huge budget to be special, it only requires effort to show that you care not only about creating a party for yourself but about providing the best time for your family and friends.

Common mistakes like choosing an appropriate venue, disregarding the room temperature, poor food choice, lousy timing, and thoughtless seating arrangement can easily ruin a party unconsciously. By taking note of these things you can avoid, your wedding party and other the other ones you will plan in the future can be better.


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