5 Sustainability Hacks You Should Learn Today


Sustainability initiatives, in addition to driving social and environmental change, can contribute to an organization’s overall success. Spending more money on sustainable business practices may appear counterintuitive to increasing a return on assets, but studies show that the most sustainable companies are also the most profitable.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics are frequently used to assess an organization’s ethical and sustainable practices. Companies with high ESG ratings consistently outperform the market in both the medium and long term, according to McKinsey. While sustainability strategies may require a short-term investment, they can yield long-term benefits.

Encouragement of natural resource conservation pervades not only your company’s standards and brand but also employees and their families. When you prioritize sustainability in your business, you are bringing a vital conversation to the forefront of consumerism. The societal impact can be far-reaching.

Fortunately, by making a few simple decisions, you can easily make your life more stable while still enjoying it. Here is a list of simple changes you can make to live more sustainably every day. Choosing to live a sustainable lifestyle does not require you to give up anything or reduce your quality of life in any way! In fact, knowing that you’re making the world a better place will make you feel more fulfilled and happy.

Here are some ways to do it:

Use Sustainable Products

Nowadays, it is very simple to choose sustainable products. Many businesses prioritize sustainability. From clothing to cosmetics to food and energy companies. There are numerous sustainable options available. Choose brands that place a premium on sustainability. Choose brands that use recycled plastic or materials over brands that contribute to landfills on a regular basis.

If you own a business, careful planning across all of your business processes can help you avoid sending waste to landfills. Businesses can achieve more sustainable practices by taking simple steps such as using bamboo cutlery instead of disposable plastic cutlery, replacing fluorescent tubes with LED bulbs, and hiring waste treatment contractors, among other things.

Go Green In Transportation

Avoid driving as much as possible, at least for short distances. It will aid in the reduction of carbon emissions, thereby saving the environment. If you live in a walkable city, you can choose an electric car, bike, run, or walk. It’s a great way to get some exercise while also reducing your reliance on gasoline-powered transportation.

If you are unable to walk or take public transportation, consider carpooling. Rather than riding together, you can offer to drive coworkers and friends. Alternatively, whenever possible, hitch a ride. Small, consistent actions add up in the long run!


Eat Sustainable Food Options

Above all, vote with your money. Choose sustainable food producers. You can get tasty farm-fresh produce from local providers by shopping at local farmer’s markets. Shopping at farmer’s markets helps to reduce transportation-related carbon emissions. You can also simply choose brands that have committed to environmentally friendly practices. For example, at Blugalacier, we are fully committed to sustaining aquaculture. This is something we are extremely proud of and will always uphold.

Conserve Water

Using fresh, potable water to sustain nothing more than inedible grass, which likely provides few other benefits, is not always the best option for sustainability. However, there are numerous other options. One option is to select plants native to your area that have evolved to thrive under the conditions that exist naturally. If you prefer exotic plants, speak with a naturalist or a botanist at a local nursery or arboretum to learn about unique options for your yard.

Depending on your local regulations, you can also consider installing rain barrels or planting a “rain garden”—planting water-loving foliage in areas where water tends to collect to allow it to be absorbed into the soil rather than running off into storm drains.

Grow Your Own Food

Alternatively, contribute to your local ecosystem! A community garden, a suburban front yard herb garden, a few tomato plants—there are so many small but significant ways to improve your own health and life while also helping to make the world a more sustainable place.

Growing your own food can also make you feel more connected to the environment and encourage you to improve sustainability in other ways, such as starting your own compost pile (a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!) and purchasing less food that must be trucked in from distant locations (a wise purchasing decision).

It is up to you to begin your own personal journey to a more sustainable world, and it begins in your own home.

Key Takeaway

Do you make an effort to live a sustainable lifestyle? Or do you want to jumpstart it now? The tips we discussed above are all good ways to start living green and sustainable. Additionally, you can always try to do your research and experiment with what activities work for you.




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